Long Live the Mother Who Birthed You, Dammit.

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Anonymous asked:
Why did you post that Kroos quote and disrespect Bayern? Bayern is the best club, not Madrid.


The truth hurts, doesn’t it? 

Y’all are so mean not explaining, maybe they just learn using visual aids.

Here you go:

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Real Madrid Playing Card Series: Cristiano Ronaldo as the King of Diamonds

The King of Diamonds, a natural born leader as the master of values, is quite enterprising as well. They appreciate competition, know what is of real value and have the inherent leadership skills to achieve success in their given field of expertise. (X) 

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Real Madrid Playing Card Series: Iker Casillas as the King of Clubs

King of Clubs people prefer positions in which they are respected and admired. Often good communicators, they lead through their words and ideas. Appreciating good humor and good company, they are often welcomed in a circle of friends. (X)

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‘I am sure Liverpool fans are very happy Luis stayed - he will be a big player for them. I think Arsenal was not Luis’s dream move, maybe if it had been Real Madrid then it would have been a different outcome - but of course Madrid were concentrating on a different target this summer. 'It is his dream club - and a club he thinks is worth waiting for.’”

Oh, the difference a year makes. (We dodged a bullet.)

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