Long Live the Mother Who Birthed You, Dammit.

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”I felt some twinges in the Athletic game, so the best thing was for me to come off. I have a strain and the Spain doctors will examine me. I hope to be able to play in both matches against Slovakia and Luxembourg. Getting called up for your country is always the ultimate honour

No one doubts Piqué. Like Vicente del Bosque said the other day at his press conference, the doors of the Spanish national team are always open to him. He’s been a member of the squad for many years. Everyone is free to think and do what they want
Iker getting applauded by the fans at the Bernabeu was bound to happen. When you talk about Iker you’re talking about a piece of Real Madrid’s shield.”

- Sergio Ramos interview after his arrival with Spanish National team.

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Its incredible how quickly the public forgets all that a player has done, specially a legend such as this. —My commentator talking about Iker (via willfuckforlouboutins)
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Do you guys think Messi knows he scored today? I thought he was usually unaware of things that happen in his name.
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Upsy Daisy

Because Ramos is a dickhead he does this all the time, esp with barca players. So does Pepe. They’re both pricks.


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