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RealPathetique’s Best Players of All Time Draft

Hello everyone. So now that the World Cup is over (thank goodness), I thought of an interesting game we could play. I’ve planned out a game where players will draft their “History’s greatest XI” so to speak.


This is a Draft. I know not many people are familiar with the “draft” format, especially if you only follow European football, so this is how the draft will work: (Also THIS LINK is a good video to explain everything quickly)


  1. Draft will be 11 rounds. Draft order will be determined through random number selection (aka I’ll choose names from a hat to keep it fair).
  2. Draft will be in Snake Format. Meaning for the first round we will keep the draft order moving from 1-6, for the 2nd round it will start from 6 and go back to 1, with the 3rd round going back to 1-6, etc.
  3. You will be making your selections from this pool of players:

    image Chosen from 3 sources: FIFA Greatest 100, Top 125 ranking of CL appearances, and IFFHS World’s Best GK Award Winners. Some players were added to even out the numbers based on their appearances on “World’s Best” lists on football websites, and were added as “Wild Cards” denoted with (WC) next to their names.

    4. You will have 30 seconds to make your selection. If not you will skip your turn and have to wait until the end of the draft to make it up.

    5.  No Trades. Who you draft, is who you get.

    6. After all the Starting XIs are decided, I’ll post them up for voting. Person with the team that has the most votes, WINS. (IMPORTANT NOTE: You win nothing. This is just for fun. I am poor.)

How to Play:

I hope everyone thinks this is a good idea. I think it’s a good way to a) get everyone away from the wank of the World Cup, and b) introduce newcomers to a bunch of the old legends they may not be accustomed to yet.

Any questions, you can contact me here, or at my twitter at Realpathetique.

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Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Jackson? | July 22, 2014

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Anonymous asked:
Why did you post that Kroos quote and disrespect Bayern? Bayern is the best club, not Madrid.


The truth hurts, doesn’t it? 

Y’all are so mean not explaining, maybe they just learn using visual aids.

Here you go:

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Real Madrid Playing Card Series: Cristiano Ronaldo as the King of Diamonds

The King of Diamonds, a natural born leader as the master of values, is quite enterprising as well. They appreciate competition, know what is of real value and have the inherent leadership skills to achieve success in their given field of expertise. (X) 

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Real Madrid Playing Card Series: Iker Casillas as the King of Clubs

King of Clubs people prefer positions in which they are respected and admired. Often good communicators, they lead through their words and ideas. Appreciating good humor and good company, they are often welcomed in a circle of friends. (X)

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