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RealPathetique’s Primer on Real Madrid (Dumb Edition)

There are plenty of resources available to new fans of Real Madrid, that detail the notable history of players, teams, and the club itself. But this isn’t for that…sometimes you just need a primer on the dumb shit. The stuff that barely has anything to do with football but still means enough to the fans that they’re referenced with loving “in-jokes”. Watch out guys, this might take a while.

Real Madrid’s Stupidity/ Fan Lore (no particular order).

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Browsing through the Real Madrid tag/posts and realizing it’s easy to tell who are getting into this club for the first time and who have been around a few seasons—And it’s not because the newbies are all trying to defend being “MadriCules”  as being okay or are talking about how hot the players are etc.

The noticable newbies in the tag are the ones shocked and appalled that we conceded to a set piece in the dying minutes of a game.

And think our defense will only get better with time.

"They’d better not let this happen again."

Oh sweet summer children.

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Real Madrid + Popular Text Posts 2/?

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Real Madrid + Popular Text Posts 1/?

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Important! ⇢

Lately, we’ve noticed that a lot of “fan” accounts on Twitter don’t source the contents obtained from Tumblr, such as information, translations, photos, edits, gifs, graphics or other media contents. YET, they have no problem giving credits to each other on Twitter, or news websites. So, why…

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